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2019 data which includes the secret measurements done by the Quarry Management, some of which have been upsized acccording to our private home measurement values.

Formal Complaint to QLD DES DG

Following on from discussions with the EDO and QLD Ombudsman, the Local Residents (LR) created a formal complaint to the DES Director General regarding the BCC Mt Coot-tha Quarry.

Main Complaint Document
MCLR Mt Coot-tha Quarry Advisory Proposal

This report was ignored by the BCC and LM Quirk.

Nov-2017 MCLR Quarry Proposal Report
Generalised DES Letter to Residents

After the LR completed their series of expensive Internal Home Blast Vibrations, a posted letter arrived from DES Mr Karle (MKL).
This document claims that our measurements are invalid and that AS2187.2 2006 can be applied to every home in Mt Coot-tha. (Even those containing asbestos fibre sheeting).

June 2018 MKL Document